Hi, I’m Josh.

 I play guitar, I sing, I write songs.

Blah blah blah.

Enough about me, let’s talk about you.

More specifically, let’s talk about what this site can do for


If you’re like me, you enjoy playing guitar. But somewhere along the path, you stalled or plateaued. You took some lessons, you bought some books & DVDs, you watched some YouTube videos, and you learned a whole lot of songs, licks, scales and such.

But after all that, you’re not really that much closer to where you’d like to be with guitar, never mind “mastering” the damned thing.

On this site, I write about the things I’ve learned. Like:

  • how to build (and sustain!) a good practice routine that brings results
  • how to know what’s vitally important, and what’s just noise
  • incredibly specific practice drills for those vitally important skills
  • the best order to learn things, so they make sense naturally
  • the simple-but-not-easy strategy to make sure you never plateau again

But I’m no guru on a mountain top, dispensing wisdom. I’m a regular guy that was too stupid to give up. I wasted years (maybe decades) doing things all wrong, and I’d like to help you avoid a similar fate.

If you want to be crazy good at the guitar, and you don’t mind showing up day after day to do one small-but-difficult thing to push your playing forward, I can help.

Drop your best email in this box, and I’ll send you my best stuff. It’s like a map that shows the way. You still have to be the one that walks the path. But I promise you, knowing where you’re headed is going to change your guitar world for the better.